In a poignant moment, a mother dog, poisoned and with tears in her eyes, selflessly sacrificed herself, beseeching passersby for aid for her ailing puppy.

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On November 7th, a compassionate soul discovered a mother dog and her puppy, Nana, in a dire situation—they had fallen victim to a vicious poisoning.

The distressed mother, weakened by the poison, pleaded for help for days, revealing the harsh reality of their struggle. Local sources suggested that they might have been strays or recently abandoned, resorting to scavenging for sustenance.

Prompt action was taken, and Nana, the puppy, received urgent medical attention, including a crucial blood transfusion. The situation was grim, with both mother and pup fighting against the effects of the poison.

Despite the dedicated care provided, tragedy struck when Nana’s mother succumbed to the poisoning. The sorrowful atmosphere enveloped Nana, who, though sad and depressed, began a journey of recovery.


Nana’s resilience shone through as she underwent a successful surgery, marked by the heartening sight of her wagging tail. The path to recovery is long, with ongoing treatments, including addressing injuries sustained in a cage and a broken back leg.

Each step is challenging, but with love and care, Nana is gradually regaining her strength—symbolizing hope, resilience, and the transformative power of compassion.

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