Finding a newly born puppy hidden in the bushes and nurturing it with affection proves to be a rewarding endeavor, even amid fatigue.

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In a quiet corner of my friend’s backyard, a faint cry caught our attention. Curiosity led us to a surprising discovery – a tiny, abandoned puppy nestled in the bushes. With closed eyes and vulnerability, it seemed lost without its mother’s warmth.

Determined to save its life, despite initial challenges with feeding and a lack of proper nutrition, we embarked on a mission to provide the care this little one desperately needed. Our supermarket run for a bottle and milk was just the beginning of a round-the-clock commitment.

The puppy’s refusal to eat or drink tested our resolve, but a trip to town for goat milk powder proved to be the turning point. Watching it grow healthier day by day, the exhaustion was overshadowed by the joy of witnessing its progress. We named her Cuihua, regardless of her mixed-breed appearance, for the sheer cuteness she brought into our lives.

As days turned into weeks, a village inquiry revealed Cuihua’s backstory. Abandoned by her owner due to nursing difficulties, we traced her roots to a kind dog mom and a strong sibling, Da Zhuang. With a dog house and a plan in place, the reunion was heartwarming.


The subsequent days saw the puppies thriving under their dog mom’s care, opening their eyes, learning to walk, and even enjoying a first taste of milk-soaked bread. Bathing them became a special bonding moment, with the dog mom watching appreciatively.

Two months later, the once-vulnerable puppies have transformed into lively and active companions. From navigating the challenges of introducing solid food to Cuihua growing her first set of teeth, every moment has been a testament to the joy they bring.

My daily life now bears the traces of their playful activities, and I find immense fulfillment in being a part of their growth.

Cuihua’s arrival, initially marked by uncertainty, has become a source of endless happiness. In changing her destiny, she has also embellished my life, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.


As they continue to thrive, I am grateful for the privilege of being by their side, ensuring that Cuihua and Da Zhuang live a happy and content life. Cheers to the transformative power of love and dedication!

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