Left unattended for a prolonged duration, she found it challenging to make eye contact and couldn’t lift her head.

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In the depths of despair, a desperate call for help reached us – a poor, neglected dog named YELLOW, lying beside a fence in a heartbreaking situation.

The urgency of the situation hinted at possible blindness, and her future hung in the balance. With determination and hope, YELLOW was whisked away to the safety of a vet, her fate uncertain but her journey toward recovery underway.

As the days unfolded, so did YELLOW’s incredible resilience. From the first night’s victory to the gradual improvement seen on Day 6, the transformation was evident. Despite the odds, YELLOW’s spirit to live shone through, captivating the hearts of those involved in her rescue, especially her dedicated caretaker, Sarah Abbas.

Transitioning YELLOW to a secure boarding facility on Day 8 marked another significant step in her recovery. Clean, safe, and under the watchful eye of AlayArzPetClub, YELLOW continued to defy the odds.


The days turned into weeks, and the once-miserable state she was found in began to fade away. Crusts fell off, cells healed, and hope reigned supreme.

Fast forward to Day 50, and YELLOW was unrecognizable from the dog rescued weeks earlier. Confidence replaced fear, and she learned to play and socialize with other dogs. It took months of medical care, medicated baths, good nutrition, and both physical and mental therapy, but YELLOW emerged a symbol of resilience and hope.

The journey wasn’t without challenges; YELLOW underwent spaying and a tail amputation due to previous traumatic injuries. However, the pain relief and well-rounded care contributed to her flourishing. The culmination of months of effort and care led to a joyous day – YELLOW bid farewell to her rescuers and embarked on a new chapter with a loving family in the UK.

In her new home, YELLOW is thriving – enjoying meals, playing in the shade, and basking in the love she deserves. Her story, from neglect to a happy life, is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and care. As we celebrate International Dog Day, let YELLOW’s journey remind us of the impact each small act of kindness can have in rewriting a life’s narrative.


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