The abused dog, with a bleeding eye and cowering in fear, bears the severe damage of the inflicted wound from its owner.

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In a recent video titled: “The dog, beaten by its owner, has a bleeding eye, cowering in fear, and the wound is severely damaged.” we are confronted with the harsh reality of animal abuse. The footage reveals a dog, referred to as “Fat Tiger,” bearing the scars of regular beatings, with its owner callously admitting to the brutality.

Currently undergoing treatment in a hospital, Fat Tiger’s wounds, especially around the left eye, are slow to heal.

The video sheds light on the dog’s previous history of abuse by a former director, complicating the healing process and necessitating daily cleaning and anesthesia for debridement to prevent infection.

Despite the challenges, there is a glimmer of hope. Fat Tiger is receiving essential medical care, including daily medications such as albumin and anti-inflammatory drugs.


The video mentions a recent surgery to remove a polyp, and the need for continued observation before considering bringing the dog back to the courtyard.

The narrative also introduces another dog named Pomegranate, currently hospitalized and undergoing daily treatments. The speaker expresses gratitude for the support received from viewers, emphasizing the critical role of ongoing medical care in maintaining the well-being of these animals.

This journey of resilience and recovery showcases the challenges faced by abused animals and the dedicated efforts to provide them with a second chance at life.

The speaker’s commitment to improving the quality of life for these furry companions serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of compassion and advocacy for the welfare of all living beings.

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