Puppies, heartlessly discarded like refuse by an unfeeling owner unable to sell them—a truly disheartening story.

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In a heart-wrenching incident, two ailing Labrador puppies were callously abandoned on a desolate mountain. Unable to stand or consume food, their fate seemed bleak.

Discovered by a compassionate individual who, unfortunately, couldn’t bring them in, these poor souls were left to endure the harsh elements.

Both puppies, resembling Labradors, were nearly frozen and, upon examination, tested positive for the dreaded PARVO virus. One of them, in critical condition with a temperature of 32C, struggled to breathe, while the other faced a soaring temperature of 42C.

The grim suspicion lingered that their heartless owner discarded them due to their illnesses, rendering them unsellable.


Despite valiant efforts, one of the puppies, tragically, had to be let go as her lungs were filled with blood, likely indicating mistreatment.

The surviving sister, aptly named Lily, embarked on a tumultuous journey against PARVO. The initial days were marked by intense treatment, including warm IVs and a fighting spirit that refused to succumb.

Lily’s struggle persisted, battling bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Days turned into nights, and hope flickered as she clung to life. Miraculously, on the seventh day, a glimmer of progress emerged—Lily licked food for the first time after seven grueling days.

The days that followed showcased Lily’s tenacity. Though isolated and still under therapy, she exhibited signs of improvement—no more bloody diarrhea or vomiting. Lily even found a companion, another PARVO survivor, with whom she fiercely competed for food.


Fast forward to Day 15, and Lily emerged victorious, conquering PARVO. Still isolated but brimming with newfound strength, she began her journey towards recovery, determined to honor the memory of her fallen sister.

Today, on Day 45, Lily stands as a testament to resilience. Rescued from a mountain, she defied the odds, receiving vaccines and gearing up for a life filled with the love and care she so rightfully deserves. Lily’s story is a reminder that, even in the face of abandonment and adversity, hope and strength can prevail.

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