The faithful dog, forsaken and left alone in the chilly rain, patiently awaits its owner’s return over the course of several days.

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In a heart-wrenching video titled “Chú chó trung thành bị bỏ rơi một mình dưới trời mưa, lạnh cóng chờ chủ về nhiều ngày… – YouTube,” we discovered the story of a faithful dog left alone in the rain and snow, waiting for its owner for days. The poor pup, named Muffin, was not only hungry and dehydrated but also suffering from severe demodex and multiple wounds on its thin body.

Responding to the distress call, a dedicated rescue team embarked on a mission to save Muffin. They found him curled up in the cold, scared and shivering. After hours of compassionate efforts, they successfully brought Muffin to safety, marking the beginning of his incredible journey.

Day 1: At the vet, Muffin displayed a strong will to live. Despite wounds, scars, and severe mange covering his body, the positive news was that he tested negative for infectious and vector diseases. The treatment plan was extensive, requiring daily therapy.

Day 2: Muffin found solace at home, surrounded by good food, care, and love.


Day 4: Muffin embarked on his therapy treatment, a crucial step towards his recovery.

Day 5: The once-shy Muffin began to show signs of slow but steady recovery, becoming more friendly and comfortable.

Day 15: Muffin’s transformation was evident—small steps towards becoming a handsome boy.

Day 100: A remarkable turnaround! Muffin, now fully recovered, has transformed into a big, handsome boy. He loves people and kids, enjoys walks, adores the garden, and radiates boundless energy. Muffin now lives in full care and shares his life with a canine companion named Kana.


This incredible journey from abandonment to joy wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support from all of you. Muffin’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of love and care. Let’s continue to celebrate and support Muffin’s well-deserved happy life after a challenging past.

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