A small dog, abandoned and in distress, quivered throughout her entire body, unable to walk, and looked around with a helpless gaze.

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In a heart-wrenching video titled “Little Dog Was Abandoned In Pain, Her Entire Body Trembling, Unable To Walk, Looking Helplessly…” on YouTube, we were introduced to Penny, a Mini Pinscher whose story touched our hearts deeply.

Penny was discovered abandoned on a bustling main road, her frail body trembling, and her ability to walk compromised.

It was evident that she had endured a life of confinement, serving merely as a status symbol for her previous owner. Unfortunately, she went unnoticed by passersby who drove past, ignoring her desperate plea for help.

Upon closer inspection, Penny’s dire situation became apparent. At just 2.6kg, she was alarmingly emaciated, plagued by a skin infection, anemia, and rotting teeth. Deformities in her rib bones revealed the harsh reality of spending a lifetime on metal bars. Prompt action was taken as compassionate individuals rushed her to the clinic for immediate veterinary care.


The veterinary team discovered that Penny suffered from a luxating patella on her left leg, a common ailment in poorly bred dogs.

The severity, classified as grade 4, meant she would require surgery for pain-free mobility once stable. Despite the challenges, Penny’s resilience began to shine through as the vets administered medication and started the journey towards her recovery.

Days passed, and Penny’s health showed signs of improvement. The vet allowed her to be taken to a shelter for ongoing care. The discharge from the clinic marked a new chapter in Penny’s life, as she was warmly welcomed by a dedicated team offering round-the-clock support.

Penny’s current state at the shelter is a testament to her strength and the care she’s receiving. Despite her painful past, she now enjoys nourishing meals, ample love, and the company of compassionate caregivers. Her short tail, once motionless, now wags with a newfound sense of security and happiness.


The road to recovery for Penny involves further checks, and when she is deemed strong enough, the necessary surgery will be performed. We look forward to the day when Penny can leave behind the shadows of her past, embracing a future filled with love, care, and the promise of a pain-free life.

This little dog’s journey serves as a reminder of the transformative power of compassion and the hope that can arise from even the most desperate situations.

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