The heart-wrenching sight of a vulnerable 8-month-old puppy’s tears deeply moved me.

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Meet Pea, an 8-month-old pup whose tiny frame conceals a story of immense strength and courage. Weighing only 2.1kg, Pea faced a traumatic incident when he was attacked by larger dogs, resulting in a broken spine and complete paralysis.

Initially taken to a local clinic, Pea’s situation took a turn for the worse as the wounds on his back became infected, and his owner, unable to cope, abandoned him there.

In the face of this heartbreaking abandonment, a compassionate clinic worker reached out for help, sparking a chain of events that would change Pea’s fate.

Transported to a vet in Moscow, Pea underwent emergency surgery to address his severe condition. The road to recovery has been challenging, but with each passing day, Pea has shown remarkable progress.


The once weak and breathless puppy now displays improved vitality, a healthy appetite, and the ability to run using a specially designed wheelchair.

Described as a friendly and intelligent soul, Pea’s transformation is a testament to the power of love and care. The journey has not only restored his physical well-being but also brought forth his happy and confident spirit.

Despite the odds, Pea now enjoys the simple pleasures of running on his two front legs and navigating the world with newfound independence.

This heartwarming tale wouldn’t have been possible without the support and blessings received. As we celebrate Pea’s recovery, let us extend our gratitude to all those who played a role in this journey and acknowledge the resilience that defines this small but mighty canine companion.


Thank you, and may Pea continue to inspire us with his unwavering spirit.

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