Left alone among the debris, a small and mangy stray dog found hope as a compassionate couple took the initiative to provide it with a new lease on life.

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In a heart-touching encounter, my husband and I stumbled upon a small, abandoned dog amidst the ruins. Its limbs were red, swollen, and trembling, covered in scabs due to a severe skin disease.

We learned that the pup had been left behind when a nearby factory moved out, abandoned to fend for itself.

Undeterred by the heartbreaking sight, my husband, Xiao Zhou, and I decided to take action. We found an Elizabethan collar, a dusty relic indicating the pup had likely been someone’s companion before.

Armed with ham sausage, we attempted to feed the malnourished dog, only to be met with initial hesitation. It was evident that the poor creature hadn’t been fed for a long time.


Undaunted, we persisted, returning the next day with a plan to address the pup’s severe skin condition. To our surprise, it approached us, a glimmer of hope in its eyes, perhaps recognizing that we were there to help. That day marked the beginning of our commitment to rescue this little soul from its desolate surroundings.

Upon bringing the pup home, it was clear that the unfamiliar environment made it anxious. Hiding in a box, it was reluctant to explore. We left the camera behind, giving it space to acclimate.

Worried about its adjustment to dog food, we introduced a nutritious meal of canned pure meat, adorned with medicine and vitamins. To our joy, the pup took its first steps towards recovery, eagerly consuming the nourishing meal.

As days passed, we observed a remarkable transformation. Gradually, Dog Eggs (as we fondly named our newfound friend) ventured out of its safety cocoon, becoming more comfortable with daily routines. Regular medicine baths, injections, and a carefully prepared environment became crucial aspects of its recovery.


The once fearful pup started enjoying sunbaths and meals filled with essential nutrients, showcasing improvements day by day. Our hope is for Dog Eggs to swiftly regain its health and embrace the joy of being a happy, carefree companion.

This journey is a testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative power of compassion. Together, we are witnessing the incredible healing journey of a once-abandoned pup, now on the path to becoming a joyful and content repair dog.

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