A newborn left alone managed to survive miraculously when a pack of stray puppies gathered around her, offering both warmth and companionship.

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A newborn was abandoned and incredibly kept alive by a litter of stray puppies curled up next to her to keep her warm. The little girl, who is now named Akanksha, was found completely naked and with the umbilical cord still attached to her body in a field in Chattisgarh, India.

The local people were so surprised by what happened that under the circumstances he might not have survived the night because of the winter temperatures. The baby’s survival was considered a ‘miracle’, as nearby residents say stray dogs can be vicious.

Local representative Munnalal Patel, who was on his way to do some household chores, was the one who heard a baby crying, and told Metro UK :

«At 11 in the morning, we saw that there is a newborn girl who was crying and lying next to the puppies in our town. “We panicked and informed the health department before they took the newborn to the hospital for further monitoring.”


Litter of puppies snuggles next to abandoned baby

Litter of puppies and an abandoned baby

One resident of the area even said:

“Possibly, it is the warmth of the puppies and their own mother who kept this newborn alive. Usually the temperature drops at night and it is already December. I must say that it is pure luck for him.

Litter of puppies snuggles with baby
Litter of puppies snuggles with abandoned baby
Baby rescued

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