Abandoned and left unattended, he lost both hind legs, crying out in pain, desperately waiting for assistance.

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In a heart-wrenching incident, an urgent call for help reached us—a poor puppy had been brutally hit, leaving him crushed and in agonizing pain.

Abandoned and alone, the little creature, named Chi, lay there, seemingly awaiting a lonely end. Our hearts swelled with empathy, propelling us into action to save this innocent life.

Swiftly, we rushed Chi to the nearest veterinarian, where the extent of his injuries unfolded before our eyes. Severe anemia, a consequence of the traumatic accident, coupled with crushed hind legs, intensified the puppy’s suffering.

The dedicated veterinary staff embarked on a race against time, fueled by compassion and determination to provide the best care.


Day by day, Chi’s resilience shone through. Additional blood transfusions were crucial to rebuilding his strength, and meticulous care ensured his gradual improvement.

With the puppy’s mother unavailable, we took on the responsibility of nourishing Chi, recognizing that each meal was a vital step in his healing journey.

Despite the challenges, Chi’s unwavering spirit prevailed. By day 26, his condition had significantly improved, a testament to his indomitable will. A loving and compassionate family, touched by Chi’s story, opened their hearts to provide him with a forever home.

By day 60, Chi experienced the joy and happiness every dog deserves—endless playtime, belly rubs, and warm cuddles. His transformation from a tragic accident survivor to a cherished family member is a powerful testament to the strength of compassion and second chances.


Thank you all for your unwavering support throughout Chi’s incredible journey. Together, we’ve witnessed the remarkable transformation of a once-injured puppy into a beacon of resilience and triumph.

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