Abandoned and left in a state of sadness, vulnerability, and heartbreak, two dogs were forsaken and cast out from their home.

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In a heartbreaking report, two innocent souls, Benito and Lynch, came to our attention – malnourished, sick, and abandoned after being kicked out of their own home.

The cruelty they endured at the hands of their owner left them with sad, ragged eyes and broken spirits.

Upon investigating, it was discovered that these poor dogs had suffered prolonged abuse and neglect, their basic needs ignored for far too long.

Determined to make a difference, we refused the owner’s demands to return them, knowing that a new, loving life awaited Benito and Lynch.


Transporting them to a veterinary clinic, we initiated a comprehensive care plan. Both dogs, bathed and treated for scabies, ticks, and countless fleas, experienced a level of care they had never known. Meet Benito, a resilient adult, and Lynch, a growing puppy – both on a journey to recovery.

Despite initial setbacks, with antibiotics, special baths, and nourishing meals, their transformations have been remarkable.

Witnessing the positive changes is heartening – their once bleeding skin is healing, new hairs are sprouting, and, most importantly, their attitudes are shifting. Benito, now believed to be over 4 years old, and Lynch, the energetic youngster, are becoming trusting, cheerful companions.

They’re playful, enjoy the sun, and are embracing the joy of a second chance at life.


This story is not just about rescuing dogs; it’s about offering hope and healing to those who have suffered. Together, let’s celebrate the resilience of Benito and Lynch as they embark on their journey towards a brighter, happier future.

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