Left deserted in a barrel amidst the wilderness, skin marred by burns and soaked in urine, bones jutting out, the body frail…

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Junie was found abandoned in a container in a desolate field, in one of the most horrifying circumstances we had ever encountered. She had been abandoned there to die, and her emaciated body bore burns from lying in excrement. Her hair had been dyed pink and purple, which was indicative of past maltreatment. Her eyes had infections, and she was critically dehydrated.

Upon examination, we discovered that her electrolyte levels were unbalanced and that her body temperature was inaccurately registered. Her epidermis was severely infected, and her skeletal frame was emaciated. Her Red Blood Cell count had declined substantially, and her PCV levels were much lower than normal, which increased her risk of convulsions. In addition, Junie had difficulty maintaining her glucose levels, so we administered dextrose to stabilize her blood sugar.

Junie managed to wave her tail despite her agony and suffering, demonstrating her enduring spirit and capacity for love. Her muscle mass had been depleted by starvation, rendering her condition critical. With intensive care, we were able to stabilize her condition to a certain extent, but a blood clot posed hazards that necessitated blood transfusions for several days.

Junie was unable to walk adequately on her own, as additional tests revealed she had mild kidney failure. Nonetheless, her irises reflected her resolve to fight for her survival. Her sodium levels gradually returned to normal, and she was able to stand for a full minute. She showed signs of improvement after accepting the affection and care given to her with gratitude.


After one week in our care, Junie exceeded every expectation. She began eating well, regained her equilibrium, and was able to walk normally. Her story went viral, and she met her admirers, which brought a joy to her face.

Now that she is surrounded by an abundance of affection, Junie’s existence has been transformed. Together, we rescued her from a life of severe maltreatment, and she now thrives in a compassionate and caring environment.

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