After a heartless driver caused him to tumble into a ditch, he cried for five days, but no one offered a helping hand.

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At 5:00 p.m. in Breza, thirty kilometers from Sarajevo, I witnessed a heartbreaking scene that devastated my emotions. A poor dog was struck by an automobile nearly 4-5 days ago and abandoned without assistance. When the injured dog crawled across the street and into an open manhole, the situation became even more lamentable. Someone then covered the manhole, leaving the hapless dog trapped and helpless. The woman who resided across the street had heard his wailing for days.

As soon as I became aware of this distressing situation, I dashed to the manhole to rescue the dog. The dog was in a dreadful state, covered in insects, and traumatized when I first saw it. We rushed him to the veterinarian, where he received analgesics and emergency care. It was heartbreaking to witness the agony and anguish endured by these magnificent creatures.

We gave him the name Ollie. He was a courageous young child who had just begun to live but had already endured unimaginable suffering. At the veterinarian, it was discovered that he had a spinal injury, preventing him from using his rear legs. We anticipated a lengthy and difficult journey for Ollie.

Despite all of his suffering and difficulties, Ollie’s spirit remained resilient. He endured each day with courage, and eventually he underwent a 6-hour operation to relieve the compressed nerves. Throughout it all, Ollie displayed tremendous bravery and a loving heart.


As Ollie persevered on his path to recovery, he became an inspiration to us all. His tenacity and resolve to survive were genuinely remarkable. Our little fighter, Ollie, proved to have the largest heart in the universe. While humanity may have failed him, he taught us the power of resilience, forgiveness, and kindness.

Ollie’s unwavering character and will to live impacted our hearts day after day. We swore to stand by his side and give him all the care and affection he required. Ollie’s story served as a reminder of the extraordinary affinity we share with animals and our duty to protect and cherish them.

We remain optimistic about Ollie’s recovery and brighter future as we proceed on this journey with him. We will be eternally grateful for the lessons he taught us and the courage he displayed in adversity. Ollie, you are not just a dog in our hearts; you are a beacon of optimism and a true hero.

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