A young dog ensnared in a fishing net, wrestling in polluted water, urgently seeking assistance.

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I heard a dog howling on the road, and upon approaching, I discovered a puppy immobilized in a fishing net. The unfortunate child was drenched in water, exhausted, and wailing in pain. This tiny puppy could not have been older than three months, and his limb was also wounded and bleeding by the fishing net.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted passerby removed his coat to keep the shivering dog toasty. The puppy gradually settled down and appeared comforted by the kind act.

The father, determined to assist, brought the infant home and had it examined by a veterinarian. It was confirmed that the fishing line had wounded the puppy’s leg, but thankfully the hamstring was unharmed. However, the incision required daily medication to prevent infection, and due to the heat, multiple applications were necessary.

During the examination, it was discovered that a portion of the puppy’s ear was absent, indicating a prior injury. Despite obstacles, with appropriate care and attention, the puppy became more active and adapted to its new surroundings.


Unbelievably, he began to interact with other canines at the rehabilitation base, even cuddling and sleeping with them. It was apparent that this puppy missed his mother terribly, but it was hoped that with time and care, he could recover and surmount his sadness.

We believe that the puppy’s health will gradually improve with tender care and a nurturing environment. Together, we will give him the opportunity to become a healthy and happy dog by giving him the affection and support he requires during this precarious period.

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