The scared and slender mother, along with her newly born offspring, was left alone in the heart of the wilderness.

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In a heart-wrenching video report, we were alerted to a distressing situation – a mother dog and her newborn puppies left abandoned in a desolate area, crammed inside a brass container. The call for help portrayed a scene of immense sadness, where some puppies had already succumbed to the harsh conditions.

Upon reaching the site, we found the mother, whom we later named Amelia, in a pitiful state. She was extremely thin, her eyes reflecting both fear and suffering. Amelia had taken refuge in the bushes, attempting to protect her surviving puppies – five boys and one girl, each just a day old.

The little family was battling against the odds, with Amelia herself struggling with dehydration, skin problems, vaginal bleeding, and eye issues.

Our rescue team sprang into action, providing immediate medical attention and essential supplements. Amelia’s fragile health demanded urgent care, but her determination to protect her pups shone through. We performed an ultrasound, revealing a concerning uterine infection. Despite the risks, we proceeded with surgery, removing the infected uterus to save Amelia’s life.


The days that followed were a testament to Amelia’s resilience. She faced each challenge with bravery, enduring multiple exams and treatments. Despite the hurdles, Amelia’s love for her little ones never wavered. Day by day, her strength grew, and her eyes, once filled with fear, began to reflect hope.

Today, Amelia and her surviving pups are on a path to recovery, thanks to the unwavering support of compassionate individuals like you. While Amelia’s ordeal is far from over, your help has ensured that she and her family have a fighting chance. We remain vigilant, continuing to provide the necessary care and monitoring her progress closely.

Amelia’s story is one of bravery, survival, and unyielding love. It’s a testament to the incredible resilience of animals and the impact that a collective effort can have. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of creatures who depend on our compassion.

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