The dog got stuck in a ditch but when I rescued him, he attacked and bit me. His fear is for self-preservation

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In a recent rescue mission, we received a call for help to save a small dog trapped in a ditch. Swiftly responding to the plea, we arrived at the scene to find a scared and wet canine struggling to escape the water-filled hole.

Undeterred by the challenges, we attempted to rescue the distressed dog. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when, out of fear, the canine attacked and bit one of our team members. Despite the setback, our priority remained the well-being of the frightened animal.

Utilizing a rope, we carefully pulled the dog out of the ditch, taking every precaution to avoid causing harm. It was evident that the pup had endured a traumatic experience. Cold and damp, the dog needed more than just rescue – it needed care, warmth, and nourishment.

As we provided the rescued pup with a cardboard box for shelter, it became clear that the recent temperature drop posed a severe threat. The urgency to act was paramount, and our team wasted no time in preparing the dog for transport.


Once in the safety of the rescue vehicle, our focus shifted to providing comfort. Despite initial hesitation, the pup eventually began to eat, signaling a step towards recovery. Our commitment to the dog’s well-being extended beyond the physical rescue – we aimed to alleviate the emotional trauma it had endured.

The journey ahead involves gradual rehabilitation, helping the dog overcome the psychological scars of its harrowing experience. With love, care, and patience, we believe this canine companion can transition from fear to freedom, finding solace in a warm and loving forever home.

This rescue reminds us of the challenges animals face and reinforces our dedication to providing them with the compassion and care they deserve.

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