Poor Dog Was Burned, Neglected, Starved & Then Tied up to a Dumpster in Almost 100°C

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In a heartbreaking YouTube video titled “Poor Dog Was Burned, Neglected, Starved & Then Tied up to a Dumpster in Almost 100°C,” we are introduced to Weber, a dog who endured unimaginable cruelty. Here is a summary of Weber’s harrowing journey and the glimmer of hope that now lights his path:

Abuse and Neglect: Weber’s story begins with messages about his severe neglect, starvation, and abuse. The narrator paints a vivid picture of Weber’s distressing condition, revealing a dog so emaciated that each rib is visible, covered in wounds, scars, and possibly deliberate burns.

Dumped in Oppressive Heat: The cruelty peaks as Weber is found tied to a garbage container in Harlem, left to suffer in almost 100°C heat. The video expresses disbelief and indignation at the inhumanity displayed toward this innocent creature.

Physical Condition: Weber’s physical state is dire, with a veterinarian suspecting deliberate burning and confirming anemia due to prolonged starvation. The video sheds light on the numerous challenges Weber faces, both physically and psychologically, as a result of the abuse.


Rescue and Trauma: Despite the initial trauma, Weber is rescued and taken to a vet, where his pain and fear manifest in aggressive behavior. However, the narrative takes a positive turn, highlighting Weber’s transformation as he begins to feel safe and secure.

Transformation and Appeal for Love: In a hopeful twist, Weber’s behavior undergoes a remarkable turnaround. No longer reactive or aggressive, Weber starts to show signs of the sweet and affectionate dog he truly is. The video ends on a plea for love, emphasizing Weber’s longing for a chance at a new life filled with compassion and respect.

Let us join together to share Weber’s story, raising awareness about animal cruelty and the power of compassion to transform lives. Together, we can be a part of Weber’s journey towards healing and a brighter future.


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