The hammer completely changed this puppy’s life, the owner gave him only 1%

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In a heartbreaking tale of cruelty and resilience, Shiko, a brave puppy, managed to escape a life of abuse at the hands of his owner. The shocking revelation came when the owner, seeking to harm the innocent pup, resorted to using a hammer to inflict severe injuries.

Shiko’s injuries were devastating, including a broken jaw, multiple teeth fractures, and significant brain damage. With only a 1% chance of survival and impaired vision in one eye, the odds were stacked against him. However, Shiko defied the grim prognosis and displayed an incredible will to live.

Against all expectations, Shiko began to recover. Initially unresponsive, he gradually regained mobility and, astonishingly, started standing and walking. The journey from the brink of death to newfound strength showcased the puppy’s remarkable resilience.


The motive behind the owner’s cruel actions remains shrouded in mystery. Shiko, described as intelligent and gentle, faced undeserved brutality. The owner’s initial intent to euthanize him transformed into an act that surpassed imagination, leaving many questions unanswered.

Following a challenging recovery period, Shiko underwent facial reconstruction surgery, achieving an impressive 80% recovery. A new chapter began for this brave soul, as he was adopted and lovingly cared for by a veterinarian who played a crucial role in his rehabilitation.

Shiko’s story serves as a testament to the strength of the human-animal bond and the incredible capacity for healing and transformation. Today, Shiko is no longer the fearful pup he once was. With his newfound confidence, he embraces life, symbolizing resilience, hope, and the triumph of compassion over cruelty.

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