Our dog was paralyzed by gangrene but no one wanted to stop even though he begged

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In a YouTube video titled “He became crippled by necrosis but no one wanted to stop even though he begged,” we are introduced to the heartbreaking story of a dog named Chukuramu. His condition was dire, with severely damaged ears and a broken leg, resembling nothing more than a bag of bones. Despite his desperate pleas for help, no one stepped in until later, leading to further complications.

Upon reaching the veterinarian, Chukuramu’s broken leg, infected and deteriorating rapidly, posed a significant challenge. Despite the vet’s efforts, two complex surgeries couldn’t be performed in time, resulting in the loss of both ears and the leg after 15 days. However, the story takes a positive turn from here.

After receiving crucial medical attention, Chukuramu began to show remarkable improvement. He not only regained the ability to stand but also adapted to walking on three legs. His appetite returned, marking a significant milestone in his recovery.

The video sheds light on the missed opportunity to intervene earlier, emphasizing the importance of timely assistance. It raises the question of why no one took action sooner, leaving Chukuramu to suffer needlessly. Nevertheless, amidst the challenges, there’s a silver lining.


Chukuramu, once a mere victim of neglect, found a new lease on life. The day he left the hospital was a moment of pure joy, and his happiness was evident. Renamed Chukuramu, he found a loving family willing to adopt him. This compassionate family sees him as a dog with a perfect heart, and everything seemed to fall into place like magic.

Chukuramu’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience of animals and the impact that love and care can have on their lives. While it’s disheartening that earlier intervention could have changed the course of his suffering, the hope and happiness he now experiences in his new family are truly heartwarming. Let this be a call to action for timely assistance and a celebration of the beautiful future that awaits animals like Chukuramu when given a second chance.

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