A desperate mama dog with thousands of ticks cried out for her lost puppies

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In a compelling YouTube video titled “A desperate mama dog with thousands of ticks cried out for her lost puppies,” we witness the touching story of a canine hero named Arizona. Abandoned by her previous owner, Arizona was found with severely swollen and rotting legs, infested with thousands of ticks, particularly in her ears.

Despite the grim situation, dedicated rescuers spent two hours painstakingly removing the ticks. To their surprise, Arizona had recently given birth to several puppies, left behind by an owner seeking profit. Undeterred by her disability, the resilient dog faced the imminent danger of losing one of her hind legs due to severe decay.

Over the course of 30 days, Arizona showed remarkable improvement, although one hind leg remained unusable. A surgical procedure was carried out, marking a pivotal moment in her journey. Despite the ensuing challenges, Arizona’s spirit shone through, and she began to experience moments of joy and exploration in her new life.

The emotional rollercoaster continued when, after a period of happiness, Arizona’s hind legs deteriorated further. Faced with a difficult decision, the rescuers opted for a life-changing amputation. This brave decision meant Arizona would no longer be burdened by pain, and a new chapter in her life was about to begin.


Through it all, Arizona’s strength and resilience proved astonishing. The video not only captures the incredible transformation of a once-desperate mama dog but also serves as a testament to the power of love and care. Today, Arizona is a symbol of hope, showcasing how the unwavering dedication of rescuers and the indomitable spirit of animals can triumph over adversity.

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