The dog was tired of waiting for his owner without food or water, not knowing he had abandoned him…

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🐾 On June 1st, we received a heartfelt video from a compassionate truck driver via VK. The footage revealed a distressed dog, chained and abandoned in a desolate gas station. Concerned that the poor pup might be left without food or water, our team, fueled by determination, embarked on a 75-kilometer journey to his rescue.

🚗 Upon reaching the location, we found the frightened canine hiding under a shelf. Despite our attempts to coax him out with gentle words, he remained elusive. Undeterred, we decided to use food as a means to earn his trust. Starved and desperate, he emerged, allowing us to approach cautiously and secure his safety.

🏥 Our next step was a visit to the vet, where Skie underwent a thorough examination, revealing scabby skin as his primary concern. Fortunately, the vet assured us that with proper care, he would recover fully. Despite initial resistance, Skie’s behavior improved, and he adapted well to his new environment.

⏳ Following a 48-hour quarantine period for monitoring, Skie showed remarkable progress and was declared fit to leave. We named him Skie, a symbol of the hope and optimism that defined his incredible transformation.


🌟 Fast forward two weeks, and Skie’s once-scabby skin has completely healed, with the redness vanished. We celebrated his recovery with our first delightful walk and a shared treat of ice cream. Skie’s journey from abandonment to joy serves as a testament to the power of compassion and the positive impact we can make in the lives of our furry friends. Join us in welcoming Skie, the resilient dog who now basks in the love and care he deserves!

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