The dog lay in the sewer unable to move, with thousands of maggots on his body

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In a heart-wrenching discovery, I came across a social media post about a dog named Yoyo. Posted just a week ago, the story unfolded as Yoyo was found lying helplessly in a sewer, covered in a makeshift shelter of a baseball shirt and jacket. Despite these efforts, he endured the harsh elements – cold, rain, and unimaginable pain. Thousands of maggots were relentless, gnawing at his frail body, and his desperate pleas for help went unanswered.

Unable to turn a blind eye, we took Yoyo to the vet to unravel the mystery behind his suffering. The initial steps involved removing the dirt and maggots that had taken residence on his body, revealing the extent of his agony. It was then discovered that Yoyo had suffered a severe spinal fracture, a consequence of a tragic car accident.

Hope, however, persisted. Yoyo underwent surgery, but the outcome left him unable to walk. “Don’t cry, you’ll be fine,” we whispered, determined to give him the chance he deserved. Day by day, Yoyo received antibiotics to stave off infections. Although completely paralyzed, he exhibited a hearty appetite and began to show affection, proving his resilient spirit.

In the face of adversity, Yoyo’s story took a turn towards inspiration. Equipped with a new wheelchair, he embarked on a journey of adapting to life’s challenges. His newfound companion, Hassan, shared in his triumphs and defeats in the shelter. Despite being completely paralyzed, Yoyo and Hassan played and teased, showcasing an indomitable spirit.


The veterinarian’s verdict was clear – Yoyo’s life had changed, but it did not mean it had ended. Every day became a celebration of resilience, hope, and the enduring bond between two friends. Witnessing their joy and happiness keeps us motivated, reminding us that miracles can come in the most unexpected forms.

As we bid farewell in this post, we hold onto the hope that Yoyo’s tale will continue to inspire and that, in the future, we will share more uplifting stories of triumph over adversity. Until then, Yoyo and Hassan, may your days be filled with love, joy, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Goodbye, and see you again in the next videos.

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