“Please save me” the dog bowed his head and begged with millions of scars on his body

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In a heartfelt YouTube video titled “Save me please,” the poignant story of a resilient dog named Bulut unfolds, narrating his incredible journey from abandonment to recovery. Here’s a glimpse into the touching narrative:

A Desperate Struggle on the Streets: Bulut, a once-abandoned dog, endured months of solitude on the unforgiving streets. His emaciated appearance and countless scars made it difficult for anyone to approach him.

A Plea for Help: With a bow of his head and eyes filled with despair, Bulut pleaded for salvation. Hunger and fear trembled through his weakened body, while most of his fur had succumbed to the harsh realities of his life.

The Initial Rescued Moments: Upon reaching the vet, Bulut’s fear was palpable. He clung desperately to the ground, his body marked by scars and fresh wounds, and his skin marred by dandruff flakes.


Transformation and Healing: Over the course of a month, Bulut’s remarkable transformation began. Despite the challenging days of treatment, a medicinal bath, and emotional struggles, he started gaining weight and regrowing his hair.

A Positive Change and Newfound Confidence: By day 15, Bulut not only looked better physically but also displayed newfound strength and confidence. The power of love and care had worked wonders, mending his broken heart and mind. Bulut’s positive demeanor emerged as he actively welcomed those who visited.

In conclusion, Bulut’s story is a testament to the transformative effects of compassion and dedication. Despite a long road to recovery, his journey is a shining example of how love can heal even the deepest wounds. Let’s celebrate this wonderful change and look forward to witnessing Bulut’s continued beauty as he thrives in his newfound life.

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