The canine endured confinement in a cramped, dim enclosure, surrounded by waste, and faced the effects of extreme malnutrition.

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Angela, a defenseless puppy, endured inconceivable anguish for ten years, confined in a dark, feces-filled cage and subjected to extreme malnutrition and cruelty. She lingered in solitude, her spirit suffocated by those suffocating walls, without a home or shelter to call her own.

If not for a twist of destiny, her fate would have remained unaltered when the house she was imprisoned in was sold. The new owner’s heart broke upon learning of her miserable existence. Angela was a heartbreaking site to witness; she was covered in wounds, malnourished, and even wire-chained to prevent her escape.

Angela’s eyes, which were cowardly and timid, revealed an existence filled with dread and suffering. Her malnourished body could scarcely support her weight, and the veterinarian estimated that she was approximately ten years old, indicating that she had likely suffered throughout her entire existence.

Angela’s body was filthy and infected upon rescue, necessitating an urgent cleansing and medical attention. We gave her the name Angela, and she confronted the upcoming challenges with courage. Angela required emergency surgery for pyometra, an infection of the uterus, according to the veterinarian’s diagnosis. However, her condition was too precarious for her to undergo the operation promptly, necessitating stabilizing care first.


We immediately began treating her lesions with skin medication and keeping her warm with plush blankets. Angela displayed exceptional composure throughout her treatments. However, a negative blood test revealed a problem with her liver, which necessitated a special diet for recovery.

We worked diligently to stabilize Angela in the hopes that her vitality and appetite would return. After two days of special liver cuisine, Angela resumed her normal diet. Despite her sluggish weight gain, she began to sit up, a sign of progress and resiliency.

Just four days after her rescue, Angela stunned us all by retrieving her strength and walking again. Despite upcoming obstacles, we remain committed to giving her the care and affection she deserves.

As Angela’s road to recovery continues, her courage and will to live inspire us. We believe that Angela will experience a life filled with love, compassion, and healing with unwavering commitment and support. Please join us in sending Angela positive thoughts and best wishes for her future.”

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