Deda suffered an eye injury inflicted by an air gun, resulting in multiple punctures to her head.

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In the quaint village of Belarus, a brave soul named Deda, a loyal dog, faced an unimaginable ordeal. Shot in the eye with an air gun, Deda bore the brunt of a wound that festered with a decaying stench. Despite her age, she valiantly fought against the odds.

Deda’s health rapidly declined, and the consequences of her injury became agonizingly apparent. Her eye, now a painful reminder of her suffering, forced her into a world of darkness. Every step became a monumental challenge, her resilience tested with every stumble.

Her dedicated owner rushed her to a veterinarian, who made a shocking discovery: the bullet was still embedded in her fragile body, accompanied by multiple holes that spoke of a profound struggle. Surgery became a necessity, and after days of anticipation, a glimmer of hope emerged. The surgery was successful, and the external and internal bruises began to fade away. Yet, Deda’s journey was far from over.

Dizziness haunted her, and her eyes, once bright with life, could no longer see the world around her. Basic activities such as eating and drinking became arduous tasks, requiring constant assistance. The pain, a constant companion, tormented her petite frame daily.


Yet, amidst this suffering, Deda exhibited extraordinary strength. She persevered, her spirit unbroken, and her owner clung to the belief in miracles. A schedule was set for Deda to receive appropriate, much-needed physical therapy. Every day became a battle, and every step towards recovery was a victory.

This story is a testament to Deda’s resilience and her owner’s unwavering faith. It’s a reminder of the incredible power of hope, even in the face of adversity. Let us send our thoughts and prayers to Deda, a symbol of strength, as she continues her brave journey towards healing. Together, we believe in miracles.

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