The dog was beaten by a drunk man. She was scared because she didn’t have her mother’s protection

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In the heart of Galati, Romania, a distressing incident unfolded that would change the life of a small, defenseless soul. Тимошка, a sweet puppy, fell victim to a brutal attack by intoxicated men, leaving her scared and alone, devoid of her mother’s protection.

For nearly a week, Тимошка lay unnoticed on the roadside, her condition worsening with each passing day. A plea for help reached us, and we swiftly intervened, transporting her to a veterinary clinic in Ploiești.

The initial examinations revealed the extent of Тимошка’s suffering. Not only had she endured physical trauma, but X-rays unveiled a heartbreaking reality – a fractured hip. Urgent surgery was imperative, with a hefty cost of 23,000 rubles. Additionally, signs of potential intestinal inflammation surfaced, demanding careful consideration from the veterinary team.

The surgical procedure was a success, marking a turning point in Тимошка’s journey. As she embarked on the road to recovery, the resilient pup displayed an inspiring spirit. Each day brought progress, and her transformation was nothing short of remarkable.


Two weeks later, Тимошка had found solace in her new shelter. Despite the challenges she faced, she blossomed into a playful and affectionate companion. Her adorable antics and infectious happiness began to overshadow the painful memories of her past.

Through it all, Тимошка’s story teaches us about the strength that can emerge from adversity. Her indomitable spirit, coupled with the unwavering support of those who rallied around her, serves as a testament to the resilience of animals in the face of cruelty.

As we celebrate Тимошка’s newfound joy, let us also reflect on the importance of compassion and intervention in creating a world where every creature can live free from harm. Together, we can be the advocates these innocent souls need, ensuring that stories like Тимошка’s become tales of triumph over tragedy.

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