Rescue the protective mother and her 9 puppies! – The lost rescue of St.Louis

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In a touching video shared by Stray Rescue of St. Louis, a dedicated rescue team embarked on a mission to save a protective mama dog and her adorable litter of nine puppies. The heartwarming rescue unfolded with several key moments:

Discovery and Location:

The team initially spotted the mama dog and wondered about the whereabouts of her puppies.With determination, they sought to figure out the situation, ensuring the safety of both the mother and her pups.Mama’s Response:

The team approached Mama, who was found near a fence, and engaged with her gently.Despite being protective, Mama responded positively to the rescue team, showcasing her trust in their efforts.Fence Lifting Heroics:


The rescue team skillfully lifted Mama over a fence, ensuring a safe and successful maneuver.The process showcased their expertise and teamwork in handling the challenging situation.Puppy Details:

The puppies, estimated to be between a week and a half to two weeks old, had their eyes still closed, emphasizing their vulnerability. Ideas were shared about temporarily placing them in mailboxes, highlighting the team’s creativity in finding solutions.Mama’s Well-Deserved Break:

The rescued mama, named Mama, was recognized for her protective instincts and dedication to her puppies. The video captured a heartwarming moment as Mama took a break, showcasing her gratitude for the rescue team’s intervention.

This inspiring rescue not only demonstrated the compassion of the Stray Rescue of St. Louis team but also highlighted the resilience of Mama and her adorable puppies. Their journey from uncertainty to safety is a testament to the power of teamwork and compassion in the world of animal rescue.

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