Just by raising his head, this poor dog has learned to communicate with her gaze. But So Sad!

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In the early morning of January 15, 2022, a distressing report reached us, unraveling a heartbreaking story that shook us to the core. A compassionate woman stumbled upon a poor dog during her commute to work, possibly abandoned for some time. The sight was overwhelming; the dog was barely able to stand, and the lady couldn’t leave it behind.

Unable to bring the weak canine to her office, she captured poignant photos and a short video, revealing the dog’s desperate plea not to be abandoned. Urgently, the rescue team rushed to the location and discovered the dog in excruciating pain, suffering from severe dehydration.

Blood tests were conducted, revealing the extent of the dog’s health issues, necessitating a life-saving blood transfusion due to its inability to consume food properly. In just a few days, the rescued dog, named Deja, began to regain weight, although standing and walking remained a challenge.

As days turned into weeks, Deja started to regain her appetite, and after three months, her once-feeble legs grew stronger. Although she was still quite thin and struggled to run properly, the transformation was remarkable. The time had come for Deja to be reunited with her rescuer.


Today, Deja is a different dog altogether, a testament to the incredible resilience and strength that can be found in even the most dire circumstances. Her journey from a neglected, desperate state to a hopeful and transformed life showcases the power of compassion and the impact one person can have on the life of a vulnerable creature. Deja’s story is one of triumph, reminding us that with love and care, even the most broken souls can find healing and happiness.

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