The puppy ran after me and begged me to help its disabled and exhausted mother

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In a chance encounter, I met a distressed mother dog and her puppies. Among them, a white puppy caught my attention, visibly exhausted and neglected. Little did I know that this meeting would unravel a compelling story of struggle and triumph.

Upon closer inspection, it was heartbreaking to discover that the mother dog had been shot with five bullets, resulting in a severe spinal injury. Local veterinarians were unable to provide the specialized care needed, prompting a journey to Moscow for advanced treatment.

The challenges intensified as a tumor in her breast surfaced, complicating the already critical situation. The surgery to remove the bullets had to be postponed due to the heightened risks associated with the additional complication.

Amidst these trials, I initiated efforts to find loving homes for the puppies. Carefully selecting adopters who were passionate about animals and had the time to dedicate to their well-being, I hoped for a brighter future for these resilient creatures.


The turning point came with a successful surgery, removing the bullets, and a relieving revelation that the tumor was non-cancerous. The mother dog, now named Venya, made a remarkable recovery. Gaining weight and transforming into a healthy and beautiful dog, she became a cherished member of our family.

Venya’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and compassion. Despite the odds, she not only survived but thrived, embracing a new life filled with love and care. Thank you for your support and following along on this incredible journey. Farewell for now, and see you soon.

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