The mother dog weakly begged to save her panting puppies tied in a sack

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In a heart-wrenching plea for help, a man reached out to us to rescue a distressed mother dog. The search took us about 3 hours, and when we finally found her, she was so exhausted that she couldn’t stand upon seeing us.

Silent but forlorn, the mother dog led us to the source of her distress – the faint cries of puppies nearby. Opening a sack, we were shocked to find six feeble puppies, out of which only four survived the ordeal.

Swiftly, we rushed them all to the vet. Initially, we thought the mother dog’s weakness was due to exhaustion, but a closer examination revealed a heartbreaking truth. She had a pelvic fracture, left untreated and improperly healed, coupled with a Leishmania infection. How could she have given birth to six puppies in such a condition?

The following nights brought both sorrow and relief. Sadly, two of the puppies couldn’t make it, but thanks to the timely intervention of the veterinarians, the other four survived. We are now dedicated to doing everything in our power to protect and care for these resilient little ones.


The mother dog, once unable to stand, received active medical treatment. After two weeks, she could walk with ease, though cold weather still caused her pain. Yet, her two surviving puppies became her solace and motivation, growing stronger every day.

Despite the challenges, the mother dog started a new life, reminiscent of Bimba. After tears, happiness emerged, and that happiness has just begun. These innocent and pure puppies are now thriving, blissfully unaware of the hardships their siblings faced. We hope they find loving homes and that, with time, their past will be a distant memory.

Our journey is filled with moments that money can’t buy. The orphans in this story consider her their special mother, enjoying life to the fullest. We regularly receive videos from kind people who adopted them, ensuring they live in beautiful places with good food. As for the mother dog, her new life began just like Bimba’s after the tears – happiness arrived, and it has only just begun.

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