The distressed dog seemed at death’s door, its body marked by untreated severe injuries that had clearly lingered for an extended period.

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Prepare to be moved by the remarkable journey of Little Bue, a homeless dog whose life was hanging by a thread until a group of kind-hearted rescuers stepped in. This heartwrenching story follows the efforts of Jesika Sika Sitthiket and her team as they race against time to save Little Bue from life-threatening wounds that covered his frail body. Through compassion and dedication, they offer him the chance at a new life filled with hope and love.

We invite you to watch the emotional video that captures Little Bue’s rescue and road to recovery.

When Jesika Sika Sitthiket received the call for help, she rushed to the side of the street where Little Bue was found lying, barely clinging to life. His body was ravaged by life-threatening wounds that seemed to have been neglected for far too long. It was evident that he had been living as a homeless dog, suffering in silence without anyone to care for him.

The sight of Little Bue’s emaciated frame and numerous injuries was heart-wrenching, and it seemed like only a miracle could save him. Despite the dire situation, Jesika refused to give up on him. She whisked him away to the vet clinic, where the true extent of his injuries was revealed. His cervical bone had been displaced, and his back was terribly broken. Wounds covered his entire body, a testament to the immense pain he had endured for an unknown period.


The veterinary team immediately began a treatment regimen to alleviate Little Bue’s suffering. Painkillers, IV therapy, and antibiotics were administered, but the journey to recovery was far from easy. Jesika provided around-the-clock care, ensuring that Little Bue received the love and attention he so desperately needed.

As weeks passed, Little Bue continued his recovery in a loving shelter under Jesika’s foster care. He was named after his striking blue eyes, which now sparkle with hope and gratitude. The once homeless dog, left to suffer alone on the streets, now thrives in an environment filled with love and care.

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