Abandoned Dog with a 7-pound Tumor Rescued and Successfully Tumor Removed.

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Meet the courageous dog who defied all odds! This poor pup was discovered abandoned in a ditch, burdened by a massive 7-pound tumor. Today, we share the incredible journey of how this furry friend overcame adversity and found a new lease on life.

A few days ago, a compassionate soul stumbled upon this suffering canine, discarded by its previous owner due to its thin appearance and the perceived worthlessness of its life. Little did they know, fate had other plans for this resilient dog.

In addition to the colossal tumor, the dog had also endured severe ear abuse. Volunteer heroes promptly rushed it to the hospital, where the medical team was astonished by the tumor’s sheer size—larger than a clenched fist, with an exceptionally thick texture. This dog had silently borne this burden for many years.

However, there was a glimmer of hope. Despite the dog’s frail condition and anemia, the medical team decided to proceed with surgery once the pup’s strength improved. The tumor had not spread to its lungs or liver, indicating a possibility of it being benign. But the size and density of the tumor posed substantial risks.


The surgery would be an intricate and challenging endeavor, with the doctors worrying about excessive bleeding due to the dog’s anemic state. The tumor was deeply rooted, making its removal a complex task. The medical team embarked on a daunting mission to give this dog a second chance at life.

Fast forward to today, after nearly a week of preparation, the brave dog underwent a surgery that lasted nearly four hours. The massive tumor, which had plagued the dog for years, was finally removed. More than 50 stitches sealed the wound, marking the beginning of the dog’s path to recovery.

The journey was far from over. The dog woke up from surgery in pain, but its eyes held a newfound light. Tears streamed down its face—a testament to the immense relief it felt, having shed the weight of years of suffering. Painkillers were administered, and postoperative care began immediately to prevent infections.

As days passed, the dog’s physical and mental state improved remarkably. It regained its appetite and was able to stand and walk comfortably. The surgical wound, over 30 centimeters long and stitched with care, showed no signs of infection.


Now, nearly a month later, this once-agonized dog has been transformed into a picture of health and happiness. It enjoys meals heartily and moves with grace and ease. The nightmare of that colossal tumor has become a distant memory.

This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and resilience. Thanks to the dedication of rescue workers and doctors, this dog, aptly named “Ball,” has been given a new lease on life. It’s a testament to the incredible transformation that love and care can bring.

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