Emerging from a box, a group of puppies found themselves without their mother, who had already been sold by their owner.

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Early on the morning of November 8th, a desperate call for help came in from a compassionate man who had stumbled upon a sack of puppies on his way to work. Distraught and concerned for their well-being, he reached out for assistance.

Isabella promptly answered the call and, armed with determination, drove to the distant village where the discovery had been made. Upon arrival, she found that the man had already taken the six puppies home, all of them approximately a week old. While four seemed to be in decent health, the youngest two were notably weak and constantly crying out for their missing mother.

The man’s wife revealed that they had never witnessed abandoned puppies in the area before, suggesting that someone had callously left them there overnight. Isabella, with her compassionate heart, took charge, carefully inspecting the puppies for injuries before deciding to take them to the vet.

After a nerve-wracking wait for the blood test results, the puppies were deemed emaciated but free of external injuries. Their condition indicated that their mother, too, had suffered from starvation. The youngest of them, a fragile little girl named Creio, required special care from Isabella.


With time, dedication, and nurturing, the puppies began to show signs of recovery. Creio, initially only able to take bottled milk feed, started eating on her own by the fifth day. The blood test results were positive, giving hope that these resilient pups would soon find loving homes.

Isabella shared updates on their progress, joyfully reporting that Creio, the first to be adopted, was now healthy and ready for her forever home. Other lucky pups, including Blackie and Brownie, also found their forever families, bringing warmth and happiness to all involved.

This heartwarming journey from a distressing discovery to the promise of forever homes showcases the power of compassion and the positive impact that dedicated individuals like Isabella can have on the lives of these innocent animals.

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