The dog cried in a sack 4 meters deep in the canal, the Tire Brigade had to intervene to save…

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In a heart-wrenching incident captured on YouTube, Ragnar, a courageous racing dog, was discovered trapped inside a sack submerged four meters deep in a canal. Local bystanders witnessed the distressing scene but were powerless to save him, prompting the tire brigade to step in for a daring rescue mission.

The rescue effort required firefighters to descend three meters into the canal to retrieve Ragnar, who, upon extraction, appeared helpless and bore the marks of apparent mistreatment. His story unfolds as a poignant reminder of the cruelty animals can face in the hands of humans.

Ragnar’s diagnosis revealed a grim reality: multiple bruises scattered across his body, a spine severed with potential damage, and a painful eye injury. Urgent surgery was deemed necessary, although Ragnar’s weakened state posed a formidable challenge.

Despite the initial adversity, Ragnar’s indomitable spirit prevailed. The surgery, described as successful, included stabilizing his back, filling his eyes with hope once more. His road to recovery, marked by nights of discomfort and days of gradual improvement, paints a picture of resilience and strength.


Ragnar’s journey took a positive turn as he regained the ability to eat and showed signs of improved sleep after his meals. The tire brigade, veterinarians, and caring individuals rallied around him, fostering an environment of love and support.

As we follow Ragnar’s progress, witnessing the transformation from a helpless victim to a symbol of resilience, let us join the collective effort to ensure that every animal receives the love and care they deserve. Ragnar’s story serves as a testament to the power of compassion and the unwavering spirit that can emerge even in the face of adversity. Welcome home, Ragnar – may your days be filled with the love and care you truly deserve.

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